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Four Reasons why you should choose GreasePak to keep your Drains Clear

1) Meets Regulations and Approved
A commerical kitchen without an effective means of grease removal might contravene regulations.  GreasePak is CE certified and BBA-approved
2) Most Powerful
GreasePak's unique formula makes it the most power product on the market.  Permanently breaking down Fats, Oils, Grease (FOGs) and starches in the drain so they can never reform or solidify
3) Environmnetally Friendly and Safe
A Class 1 Biodegradeable Product that is efficient, compliant and completely safe to handle
4) Easy to Use
Simple to install and easy-to-use. Can legally work with grease traps or on its own. No maintenance and no bulky containers taking up floor space - just peace of mind, every day.

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